Lists Some Cat Health Problems And Prevention.

Lists Some Cat Health Problems And Prevention.

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Cat health problems are on the rise. Some are the result of normal aging, some are due to medical conditions. Some are caused by environmental conditions. A number are related to diet, grooming, and other issues. Many of the diseases are preventable with one or two simple changes of foods and water.

This article lists some cat health problems and discusses prevention.


Arthritis or joint problems in cats is on the rise, probably due to increased activity and age-related wear and tear. The vet may have an important diagnosis (such as a broken bone). To avoid further deterioration, prevention is the best medicine.

The best preventive measure is to give your cat daily a dry, non-absorbent diet. This means no meat. Dry food can also reduce the risk of kidney stones and urinary tract infections. Cats that eat only dry food for their main diet have a 50% lower risk of developed arthritis compared to cats who eat moist foods.

In addition to a dry diet, make sure your cat receives enough fluids. Give him at least three times during the day, not just at bedtime. You can also try giving him some herbal pet health supplements like Echinacea which is known for its medicinal properties for the first sign of arthritis. It can help in preventing future symptoms, strengthens joints, and also lowers the risk of kidney stones. In addition, it is also a great pain killer (even when taken in excessive amounts) and can help them to sleep better. You can try it as an herbal supplement to help prevent joint problems in cats.

Cats with kidney stones can be successfully treated with a gradual introduction of dietary changes and diet therapy. Most cats respond to this, but there is a 25% failure rate. In addition, you should avoid stress and ensure proper hydration, so that your cat can recover and avoid further problems.

Dental problems

Cats can experience dental problems. A diet change, with a diet that mimics your cat’s natural diet and dental hygiene treatment, may help prevent future problems.

If your cat has a problem, you might want to try the homeopathic treatment. It is also a great pain killer but not to an excessive amount. You can try it as a preventive measure or as a treatment for dental problems.

Feline diabetes

There is a good chance your cat could have feline diabetes. In this disease, your cat’s pancreas does not secrete enough the specific hormone insulin and therefore your cat does not receive its needed insulin. This results in increased drinking and urinating and therefore can lead to dehydration. This leads to weight loss and a loss of appetite.

This can lead to increased weight gain and vomiting. This can cause a loss of appetite. Since diabetes is a disease, it is also known to be a painful condition for your cat. So, it is important that you get your cat to a Vet and have the proper blood tests to determine if your cat even has feline diabetes.

It will help you to know your cat’s condition before it gets any worse. If your cat has this, you could try administering insulin by injection or giving your cat insulin pills. It may also be helpful to try a diet that contains high amounts of fiber and does not contain any fats, sugar, and meat products. Some cats are also allergic to corn, wheat, and other grains. It is important that you do not feed the cat with these foods in the diet.

You can also give your cat a diet of only raw food since there is a decreased chance of having any problems. In addition, you might want to try some homeopathic treatments such as cranberry extract, vitamin C, and vitamin B.

Cats with diabetes are often encouraged to exercise and go outside. You can also give your cat a lot of attention. It is important to keep a close eye on your cat’s condition. It is important that you do not give your cat too much attention. If your cat is vomiting and having difficulty going into the litter box, your cat might have diabetes. There might be a blood sugar disturbance in cats.

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