Dog Nail Clipping - How You Can Do Dog Nail Clipping

Dog Nail Clipping – How You Can Do Dog Nail Clipping

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If you have a dog at home you will soon know that it’s no easy task to take care of it. You will find yourself having to buy its food items, do its nails, brush its hair and perform other duties that you would normally do yourself. You may find yourself getting frustrated in the fact that you don’t know how you are going to accomplish it. If you find yourself thinking like this, then you need to try out dog nail clipping.

There are various methods on how you can do dog nail clipping. Some will ask you to use a pair of nail scissors while others will recommend you to use an electric clipper. I myself prefer the electric clipper method, therefore I’m going to tell you how I did it.

First of all, you need to cut the dog’s nails completely so it can avoid painful clippings. I recommend doing it while the dog is still hungry because it will be easier to do it later when it’s hungry again.

Place the dog’s back legs on a table and with the aid of two thin pieces of cardboard place its spine. Then use the narrow end of the scissors to make a straight cut around the dogs spine to the opposite shoulder.

There are different tips on how you should do dog nail clipping. One will tell you to make a straight cut around the dog’s body, another will tell you to make a slight curve, yet another will suggest you make a 90-degree curve. I prefer to make a slight curve. This will make it easier to clip the nails. I do it this way because it makes it easier to do dog nails clipping when the dog is still hungry. Also, you do not want to cut deep into the dog’s skin.

When the dog has been fed cut the nails using the same method. Then you just need to give the nail trimmings a wash with a mild nail trimmer. It’s important to give the nail trimmings a strong rinse because otherwise, it may make your job more difficult.

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