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How Do You Balance Recessed Lighting And Give Natural Light?

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Lights are one of the most essential articles in most homes. It’s not just for the purpose to see. It’s not just to see well. It’s more of a “you better have it on” kind of thing. But, the problem is that most people have it with insufficient lighting. You might have an impressive bathroom, but you need to have adequate lighting in that area so you can see your makeup properly when you’re in it. You also need to have enough lighting for the entire room when you perform any task, but most especially for the dining area because it’s the area you eat and spend most of your time.

But what to do? You need to have a balance of brightness in each specific area. That’s why it’s so hard to see in dimly lit places. You need a balanced lighting system.

One of the best lighting systems you can have is recessed lighting. It’s soft, and it gives good natural lighting. But you have to be careful with it. Recessed lighting is a good system, but if you use too much in one spot you get the glare. Glare kills the overall lighting of the room because you’re using too much power on just one spot.

For the dining room, you can put in recessed lights directly on the ceiling. But it’s not a universal solution since you should use it in balance across the entire room. You should take note though that it doesn’t give your room that natural, soft light. So in order to achieve the “golden glow,” you have to balance the recessed lights evenly across the room.

In the living room, for example, you should place lights on the ceiling or on the walls at an equal distance so that they cast a light over the table and it’s a comfortable illumination. But it’s not perfect. You need to have lights in the corners so that you can see the floor clearly. But you shouldn’t use recessed lights on the floor. It will take away from the entire look you want to achieve in the living room.

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