Powerful Right Hand Slice Golf Swing.

Powerful Right Hand Slice Golf Swing.

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The right golf swing is an elusive thing, and yet it is the “magic bullet” that will help you shoot lower scores and lower your handicap. So if you want to be a better golfer and shoot lower scores than you have in years, then you need to know the right golf swing.

A good swing is about the execution of the golf swing. But the swing you want is one that is both easy to execute and produces both a clubhead speed that is high enough to get the ball to where you want it to go, and is also accurate.

The only way you can do that is by having a golf swing that’s consistent. A consistent golf swing will allow you to execute the proper technique every time you tee off.

This consistency will allow you to be more accurate in your swing because you will know what you want to get your club to do. That accurate golf swing that allows you to be both accurate and powerful is achieved through a weighted club.

A weighted club makes your swing more consistent because it gives you a little more leverage. This gives you the proper leverage required to make your body turn during the swing. And this leverage is required in order for your body to move in an arc that is long enough to hit the ball in the place you want.

The right golf swing is a weighted swing. The right golf swing is an out-to-in swing path. The right golf swing is one that is a little outside the target line when you address the ball. This is what I call a “slicer”. A sinner will do this. A golfer will have a swing that is too steep at the address.

“That is, they’ll have a swing that is very high at address. Then, as they swing through the downswing they’ll lose the leverage that they had at the address and they’ll start swinging back toward the target line. They’ll lose that leverage at the top of the swing and it will create a left to right ball flight. It will cause the ball to fly outside the target line.”

It is a fact that this type of swing will produce a golf shot that is outside the target line. This is one that may or may not go straight. When the ball is too far out to the right, it will tend to go left. So, if you are right-handed and you slice the ball, it will veer to the left. If you slice the ball to the left, it will veer right.

To overcome this swing fault, you must master the fundamentals of the golf swing. You must practice these fundamentals and use the weighted club to build up the required leverage needed to achieve this swing path.

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